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"Dear Lord"
"America My Home"  (Current Page)
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David Swanson
Writer & Producer

Jay Heitzmann

America is the greatest nation on earth. The freedom we share gives us a sense of pride, which many nations envy. We are a land full of heroes who will give their lives for the ones they love, without even giving it a second thought. September 11, 2001 was a testament to this fact. Many heroes selflessly gave their lives that day, and are now receiving their just reward in Heaven with God. We will always remember their ultimate sacrifice, and pray that we will have the same strength if one day we too are called to be heroes.


Lyrics for America My Home

You may not like the way we talk,
Or how we hold our head up high.
But when you live in the land of the free and brave,
It fills your heart with pride.

She's a land full of heroes,
Who will rise up when they're called,
To give their life for the ones they love,
And never count the cost.

With the colors flying overhead,
Of the great red, white & blue.
We will keep our souls united
And forever we'll be true.

Through honor, truth, and justice,
We'll fight to keep her free.
Then give God all the glory,
Cause He gave that right to me.

There's no place like America.
I'm glad that she's my home.
When I say God Bless America,
I know I don't stand alone.

When I say God Bless America,
I know I don't stand alone.

(Pledge of Allegiance)