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"Dear Lord"  (Current Page)
"America My Home"
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David Swanson
Writer & Producer

Mary Howard
Arranger & Coordinator

The sudden impact of September 11, 2001 will live in our hearts and minds forever. We are a changed nation. We long for answers as to why. Only through time and prayer can our hearts begin to heal. We must lift up our arms to God and allow Him to take our pain away. As we pass through this life to our ultimate reward with God in Heaven, it is hard on those we leave behind. Once we reach our home in Heaven, Jesus will hold us in His arms, wipe our tears away, and allow us to have a peace that passes all understanding. 


Lyrics for Dear Lord


Dear Lord, to you I pray, please won't you help me find a way,
To take this pain deep in my heart, and lift it up into your arms.
Dear Lord show me what to do.


(Chorus), now that my baby's gone home to you.  Dear Lord!
Mommy, I found Jesus today. He held me in His arms and wiped all
my tears away. He called me His precious little angel, like you always do.
He said that because you loved me so much, I will soon have wings and
can fly free all over Heaven. Thank you for taking such good care of
me for Jesus.


(Chorus), now that my daddy's gone home to you.  Dear Lord!
Son, there's been a tragedy and I won't be coming home.
I'm in Heaven now and my pain is gone, though yours lives on.
Now that you're the man of the house, I need you to be strong and help
your mom with the little ones during this trying time. I'm proud of
you son, and I love you.


(Chorus), now that my momma's gone home to you. Dear Lord!
Honey, God has shared your prayers with me, and I miss you too, very much. Though you can't see me, I am always with you.
God has given me the honor of being your Guardian Angel.
Keep praying dear, God is listening and can heal your wounded heart.


(Chorus), now that my only son's gone home to you. Dear Lord!
Dad, I wanted you to know that I didn't suffer long.
One minute I was standing in a crowded room and the next I was standing before God and His Angels. When He took me by the hand and said
welcome home son, I felt a sense of peace that passes all understanding.
Your strength and compassion has saved my soul


Dear Lord, to you we pray, please won't you help us find a way,
To take this pain deep in our hearts, and lift it up into your arms.
Dear Lord show us what to do, now that our loved ones are home with you.
Dear Lord, Dear Lord, Dear Lord!